Moving chicks to coop floor


6 Years
Feb 18, 2013
New Mexico
I'll be moving my chicks to the coop floor next weekend. They are quickly outgrowing their current 'digs'. They will be almost 3 weeks old, so first, I'm wondering if that is too early. Of course they will still have a heat source and all. I'm concerned about coccidia as the coop floor right now is dirt. Can I start sprinkling some of that dirt into their brooders over the next week before I move them to acclimate them, or will that not do anything? Is there a preventative treatment I can give them with Corid to help them stay healthy? My older chicks didn't get sick (knock on wood), and I just let them hop out of their brooders when they were ready, and they'd go back in at night for the heat lamp.

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