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    Oct 6, 2015
    This spring we decided to get some more ducks...well, living in the country the little buggers decided they were too afraid to go on our pond and with all of the coyotes and raccoons we have around it just wasn't safe for them to be roaming (I could walk up and pick them up). So we added on to our turkey coop and made them a pen. Originally we were going to butcher the turkey and then move the ducks to their large pen - but it's not looking like that'll happen. So I am going to move them into a stall down in the barn where they will be warm for this horrible winter they're calling for.

    My question is, I have two newly laying hens (this past weekend). Will I mess up if I move all the ducks and the nests? My stall wont be "duck proof" for at least a week or two.


    ETA; the ducks in question are my lovely Pekin's in my avatar. They get turned out while/if I am home during the afternoon.
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