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    Does it kill an egg if you move it while it is incubating? I have moved some of my eggs from one bird to another, or from incubator to broody, in the case of some serama eggs. I felt like they stood a better chance if the bantam cochin hatched them than if I left them in a styrofoam incubaor with no fan, old house, eggcetera... Someone told me it will kill them if you move them. Some I even put in a box with a sweatshirt and drove them to my house and put them in the incubator (because I wanted to make room for better eggs under the broody.) Anyone ever do this? and... Did it work?
  2. I don't see why it would kill the chicks. Broody hens will move the eggs around and all you are doing is carefully transferring them. I have moved mine from incubator to another when I have staggered hatches.
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    They should be fine, when a broody gets off her eggs to eat,poop,drink they cool down a little.... as long as you were gentle they will be fine !!!

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