Moving my flock to my garden

Aug 26, 2019
As a new chicken owner and a veteran gardener i come seeking the advice. I have 5 hens that just started laying two weeks ago. I would like to move my flock into sections of my garden as i clean crops to supplement nitrogen. The questions i have are as follows:

1. Will moving my birds not effect the birds in a negative manor as it pertains to egg laying?
2. Would i be best to provide a temporary coop in my garden, or can i move the birds back and forth daily?

Thank you in advance for helping.


Good questions!

How big is the space they would be going in?
Is a chicken tractor an option?
Will they be spending all day and night in the garden?
During the day will they have access to the existing coop?
I think if they will be fenced in the garden area there needs to be a coop of sorts.
Overall the space is about 1000 sqft (20'x50'). Due to our neighborhood the position we have choosen for our main coop is not located near the garden. If i were to move them their daily i would provide cover from the elements. Should i also provide roosting space and nesting boxes? I considered giving a tractor with secondary housing but construstion isnt my strong suite. My plan was to build panels with lift off hinges. Dimensions i had im mind would probably be 16x4 around 3 ft high.
My biggest struggle would be keeping mine in the desired space. Mine LOVE to hop short fences.

Of course when they do they dig up strawberry plants or take a bite out of everything else.

Nests, yes. Roosts, not if they are going home to sleep.
In my experence with chickens, I have found that if you let them out, they just tend to wander over to the garden, weather we want it or not. If you have a fully fenced garden, moving your birds shouldn't effect anything, atleast in
My only fear in doing this is that the birds may stray. The majority of my property is fenced but we are also located within city limits. I would hate for them to make.their way to the neighbors property
It depends on your garden set up, but doing something mobile is an option. When I had fewer birds I was using a 4x4 covered dog exercise pen and penning my hens on parts of the side lawn that I wanted them to "weed" for me. For raised garden beds, I'd surround them with chicken wire and netting, put them in and let them get to work.

Obviously neither of the above are predator proof but for short term supervised use they worked well for me. As far as hens wanting to lay, they'll usually let you know they gotta go so you can take them back to their coop.

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