Moving outside to the coop.......heat concerns!


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My chicks were hatched March 25th so we are right at four weeks now. Yesterday I moved them outside to the very secure coop/run.

I stressed about them being too cool last night but they did fine. I didn't think they would need the lamp last night but I might rethink that and secure the lamp out there until they totally adjust. Last nights temp was between 55-60 and they were huddled this morning but they seemed fine.

Now my concern is the daytime heat. It is 92 degrees outside and they are panting. I am making sure the coop is very shaded to keep it as cool as possible. I found a tip to take shallow buckets/dishpans with some cool water and put bricks into the water. The bricks remain cool and the chicks stand on them without standing in the water and that seems to be helping a lot. A couple are still panting a little bit though so I am worried.

I am going to make some more modifications tonight after work to see if I can bring the temp down a little more and get some good circulation going.

My hubby is going to strangle me and throw a fit over my latest hobby if it ends up being a full time job just keeping the chicks cool.

any additional suggestions and tips will be GREATLY appreciated!!
Do a Google Search for patio mist systems. They are pretty cheap and do wonders in keeping heat stressed chickens cool. You can set it up in part of your run and the babies can get cool. Here's a link to just one so you can get the idea. You just attach them to your hose and they'll stay cool. Also, make sure they have plenty of water.

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