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May 4, 2011
I have 2 Welsummers and 2 White Australorps. They are now 3 weeks old
When can I move them to the coop?
(Some of them are almost fully feathered).
i have read that when they are fully feathered they can and start to get them off the heating lamp before you do put them out. i have also read 4 or 5 weeks. i am in the same situation with my first chicks. let me know how old you put them out:pop. hope it goes well
What is the nighttime outside temp? We put our 3 outside in the coop when they were 4 weeks old. it was still cool here so we put the heat lamp in for a few days. after it warmed up we took the lamp out and they did just fine. they free range now, at 10 weeks. we have also blended out other 2 into the flock. they are 5 weeks old and have been staying outside for over a week now. the mixing aint going too good. the big girls kinda pick on the little ones, but they are very fast and stay away from them pretty much.
I would just keep aware of the nighttime temps, and add a lamp if necessary.
My chickens are now 5 1/2 weeks old. It will be 50 degrees tonight.
Can they stay in the coop? (It was 75 degrees today and I moved them outside at least temporarlily.
I would put them out with a heat lamp. Mine are now 7wk and others 8 1/2 and they are out without heat. But it's also been in the 60's at night.
I agree with the other posts. Depending on where you live and the daytime and nighttime temperatures, if it's cool at night just run a heat lamp at night. I put mine in their coop at about a week old with 1 or 2 heat lamps depending on how cool it is.


I would LOVE to move them out of the house completely, but after reading all the fire hazards about putting your brooder lamp inside a coop, I am hesitating.
Yeah, wait a few more weeks

You want them to be big enough to handle the cold, or the temp to be at least 60 at night. Can you move them into a garage or something?
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