Moving with Broody


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Jun 18, 2022
Trout Creek, MT
I’m moving in two weeks 300 mi away from my current location(same state). I have two hens that have gone broody. I’d love to hatch some more chicks this year but with me moving I’m not sure how to go about it. Should I just let it be and hope they are still broody after the move or throw some eggs under them and try to move them together?
If you put eggs under them now, I would fear that the jostling and changes involved in moving them 300 miles to a new location might well break their broodiness and/ potentially result in problems with the eggs developing. On the other hand, if the move doesn't break their broodiness, having them sit those extra weeks is hard on them.

If it were me, I would try to discourage their broodiness for now. I would remove all eggs, pull them off the nest a couple times a day, and put them on the roost at night. I'm not sure I would go full broody breaker box route, as I think the move itself is likely to break their brood. Once they arrive at the new location and settle in, they may well go broody again.

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