MPC Hatching eggs???

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    Anyone here ever have any luck with My pet chciken's hatching eggs? I ordered about 18 eggs last year and only one hatched and most of them were clear at day 18. This was my first ever hatch so I thought maybe it was me. Right after that hatch I tried again but with shipped eggs from ebay and I had about 60% hatch rate. I tried MPC again this time I got 12 eggs 6 of blue copper marans and 6 of the barnvelder eggs. I gave three of each breed to my broody silkie and I set 3 each in my incubator. The 3 in my incubator of the BCM I have one that looks like it might be ok...and two that I thnk quit early. The 3 BV are all CLEAR. I checked my broody eggs and the three BV she had are completely CLEAR. She does have two BCM that are doing well and moving and one that it was hard to tell. So I think all three Barnvelder's are infertile....Just wondering about anyone elses experiences?
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    i'd like to hear answers to this as well....i've got 12 silkie eggs coming from MPC hopefully this week.

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