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  1. JackieinYorktown

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Both good and bad results... Got a 25 chick special all feisty and heathly (did eventually loose one of the order). Of course the order that I placed months ago with two other neighbors which was carefully thought out, came a day later than they should have. 2 chicks were DOA. Another two of mine died, my friend had one death and one blind chicken.....
    The 25 chicks were part of a promotion so they are a random mix. Once I can figure out how to post pics, I will get them up so that I can get some help figuring out the breeds....
  2. CalebtheChicken

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    Jun 5, 2010
    Jeremiah, Ky.
    sorry for the dead chickens!
    When I ordered from mypetchicken I order 15, they sent the 15 and an extra leggern that had a crossbill, one eye (that worked), deformed head, scrawny body, and it was blind!!!! The fifteen I actually ordered are all fine [​IMG] I guess they just needed to get rid of the extra chick...
    Sad cause... in the 3 days she lived I got real attached to little snobul...
  3. write2caroline

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    Jun 21, 2009
    I had the mpc variety pullet pack too and lost of the 26 they sent. They did not add the green gel they usually have and it took an extra day for delivery. - It was wierd - lethargic and weak and nothing worked.
  4. JackieinYorktown

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Caroline, how many of the 25 did you loose?
    I never got any green gel, but use chick quick that I ordered from MurrayMcMurray....
    My friend also got a blind chick....
    I am wondering if people are having the some problems with other hatcheries?
    The extra day in transit really weakens them. I got two shipments a week apart and the difference is clear.
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  5. dragonlair

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    Apr 29, 2008
    I received my 24 (I got shortchanged 1 chick) from MPC last Thursday, they had been shipped on Monday. I ended up losing 10. They arrived lethargic, stunted and just wouldn't eat or drink no matter what I did to help them. I have been raising chicks since 1977, off and on, so I am not new to this. These chicks were not in good shape. Yes, they did refund for the 10 lost babies, but I ordered 25 because I needed 25, not 14 like what I have. I also have one with a messed up leg, her right leg sort of flops out to the side and can't bear weight or stay underneath her like a normal leg. She gets around pretty well by using her wings, but there is a problem.

    They never once acknowledged shortchanging me 1 chick, even though I told them verbally and through an email. Not sure I would do business with them again. The remaining chicks are now racing around and acting normal, but it was touch and go there for a few days.
  6. clacasse88

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Hmm. I ordered my 25 pullet special June 1. I received 4 extras and only lost 2 after delivery. I'm still trying to figure out what I've got. Is it true that the chicks are shipped from different hatcheries -- like Meyer?
  7. JackieinYorktown

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    Jun 10, 2009
    I had two orders this year and got no extras at all!
    MPC is not a hatchery. I do not know who they contract with.
    It's a good marketing plan as not everyone wants 25 chicks... But I am really wondering about how they execute the shipping as there seems to have been a few of us who had chicks take extra long in transit, as well as wrong numbers of chicks being sent out.
    I do a lot of mail order, and I never had anything come late. To have live animals overdue seems wrong.
  8. Keara

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    Sep 24, 2009
    I've ordered 3x from MPC and only lost a few chicks on one order. Alway exactly what I ordered, no more no less. I've had great customer service with the one time I've had loss. I really like MPC, though I am also given to understand that they drop ship from other hatcheries.
  9. cabot

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    I ordered my 9 chicks from MPC and have had no problem. they all arrived on time and healthy and now 10 weeks later all are healthy and growing. One is feathering in strangely and when I emailed to ask about it, I recieved a reply the next day and they offered a credit on my next order ( I didn't ask for one...)

    I have been very happy with my birds and with the customer service there. I'd definately use them again
  10. I Ordered and received 7 Silkie females. All arrived without incident. I did lose one little girl on the evening of day two. Just didn't "take off" like the other 6 did. I called MPC the next morning and my account was credited immediately - I rec'd the e-mail confirmation of the refund within 15 minutes of my call. Overall I'm pleased. This was my first transaction with MPC - and also my first chick loss from a hatchery/mail order company - ever.

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