Mr. Snuffles- when should I start watching for aggression?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by avalentine, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. avalentine

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    Jan 9, 2011
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    Mr. Snuffles is an accidental member of our school flock. We received the 6 supposedly female chicks at the start of the school year, but now at 11 weeks it is clear that the aptly kid named Mr. Snuffles is a rooster. Although we don't have permission from the city to have a roo I am hoping we can keep him, but we have to be watching carefully for aggression. We have our students doing all the chicken chores, and on the weekends families come to check in on them, sometimes with very small children. The chickens have been held every day, although Mr. Snuffles and the other ee (Agent Fluffball) often elude pursuers. They aren't unfriendly, just not thrilled to be picked up.

    My concern is that we can not risk the kids, so at the first sign of aggression Mr. Snuffles will definitely be rehomed. But when should I put everyone on alert to watch? I don't want to raise concerns way in advance of any possible problem, but I also don't want to wait too long? Any thoughts?

    Thank you all!

  2. Pinky

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    I think it's around 16 to 18(?) weeks of age when they will start showing aggression. I would be on alert now.
  3. ChikeeMomma

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    He may never be a mean roo. I currently have one EE roo. He's 3 years old. He has never, ever been aggressive. I had another EE roo before him, who was killed by a hawk. He was never aggressive, either.

    I have had an aggressive Silkie roo and an aggressive Rhode Island Red roo. They were both accidental members, too. They found new homes since I didn't need any more roos nor did I want aggressive ones around. Both of the aggressive ones that I had showed their colors pretty early -- like maybe 16 weeks or so.

    I love your roo -- he looks just like our Peanut Butter (oldest DD named him [​IMG]). He was the one that the hawk killed.
  4. mcjessen

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    Mar 22, 2011
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    I think it's great that your students are raising theses chickens. Awesome project!
  5. Barred Babies

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    I've never had an aggressive roo either!! Not sure why some are and some aren't!! [​IMG]
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    May 30, 2010
    Quote:Same here. Neither of my cockerels have shown any aggression towards humans.
  7. Tanichca

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    It depends on to bird. Usually birds who have been raised as cuddled and loved pets are the least likely to show aggression. My silkie, who I have raised since he was an egg, still crawls up on my lap for a cuddle. Its also helpful to let the rooster know who's boss, by chasing him, catching him, and holding him firmly for a few minutes.
  8. teach1rusl

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    As others have said, it's very possible he will never show blatant signs of aggression, especially if he's already used to lots of different people handling the pullets. In most cases, you'd see the early signs maybe 16-20, depending on the maturity rate of his breed. Though he may never be aggressive, he's guaranteed to crow eventually - so THAT may end up being more of a problem than anything else, since your area doesn't allow roos. [​IMG]
  9. allpeepedout

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Mine was handled a lot and got aggressive at 5 months. I was watching for it and used the roo-wrangling techniques on BYC, including pushing down on his back and holding him down until relaxed. He learned and turned into a really wonderful roo. Good for you for introducing your school kids to critters. Hope Mr. Snuffles gets a good home.
  10. AshleyW

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    Nov 4, 2011
    I have 2 roosters, and they are the sweetest roosters I have ever seen. They even fly up to sit in my lap or get on my shoulder to just sit there. He may never be mean.

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