MT. healthy hatchery white rocks


10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
i orderd 15 white rocks roos from mt healthy they told me they run larger than other hatcherys and the price was purdy cheap anyhow have any from their pics did they put meat on good?
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I'm sorry, but having had no personal experience with them, I was not inclined to answer. However, I thought "maybe" another hatchery might have good stock. When I read the description for their "Araucanas" I figured I'd go ahead and give a response. Sorry it was not as flattering as you would have hoped.

Besides, you did only ask for information and a description after you had already ordered.
I have a white hen and had some Partridge roos from then and they were pretty good size for the table. Their Sex link roos are alot bigger then others ive seen.

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