Mt. Lion in Wisconsin....

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  1. Did anyone else hear this....I heard it on a few different radio stations today...found a few different articles on line.....(not sure how true any of these articles are as I didnt' stop to read before I posted--I know that's bad). Although I thought I heard on the radio today that IF this is a truely wild Mt. Lion it would be the first in WI since the early 1900's. The others that have been spotted have always been a so called pet that either escaped or was released/dropped off by the owners....
    Spooner isn't that far from me...Only about 30-45 minutes or so...

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    Your deer hunters must not be doing their jobs. [​IMG]

    Guess if there is available food, cougars will move in from other areas.
  3. Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] All those nights Jason spent at Deer Camp are finally proving it wasn't a Good Idea.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Actually I'm in Northern Illinois and there have been sightings here as well and mauling attacks on livestock.

    Rumor has it...or a friend of a DNR person that works in the parks...said he heard some were released to help the deer population and the chronic wasting disease. But nothing was made public. Whether that is true or not?

    I also talked to an elderly couple up the road from me, one time about their bee hives once I got started on mine and they have the railroad up behind them and said thier grandchildren were playing in the yard and spotted a big cat, like on those wild life shows he told his grandparents. They took out one of their books and the oldest boy pointed a mountain lion out.

    There is a sight I found one time that documents all such cases.

    Very interesting read.

    It wouldn't suprise me, the climate and habitat in these parts would sustain them just fine.


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