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  1. meriruka

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Quote:Welcome! I have a small farm in the same area.
    Have you heard about the Altavista trade lot?
    One the first Saturday of every month, they have lots of chickens for sale. There is an Amish girl who has really friendly and healthy birds of all different breeds.
  2. King Tubby

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Mechanicsville VA
    Chickaroo! :

    Anyone near Sandston? It's about 20 minutes East of Richmond.

    I live in Mechanicsville which is pretty close to Sandston.

    I am planning on coming to the swap on April 12 as well as the VPBA on May 3 in Montpelier.

    Hope to meet some of y'all there.​
  3. Chickaroo!

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    Dec 27, 2007
    King Tubby! Yeah, someone that live near me!! [​IMG] How many chickens do you have? I really want to go to the swap on April 12th, but I'm suppose to work that day and gas prices...... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. King Tubby

    King Tubby Out Of The Brooder

    Aug 13, 2007
    Mechanicsville VA
    I've got 7 hens: 4 barred rocks, 2 RI Reds, and 1 speckled sussex.

    Also 4 young chickens which I think are a white leghorn cockerel, 2 mutt hens and a silkie. I used to have a lot more youngsters but the raccoons have been hitting them this week. I hope I have solved that problem.

    What about you?

    I would offer a ride to the swap but my car will likely be full with wife and kids.
  5. FarmerJordan

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    Mar 21, 2008
    Newbie farmer here, From Virginia, Coeburn Southewest Va area.. Wise County...

    Very excited to get my Project CoopDeVille started Please go over and give me some of your ideals, Anything will be very helpful.. I posted under Coop designs ..

    FarmerJordans ( Chad & Rose )
  6. Chickaroo!

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Thanks for the offer anyway King Tubby. It was very nice of you.
    I have 1RR, 1black sexlink and 1 red sexlink. I had a barred rock, but she died last Tues. I don't know why though.
  7. Wolf

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Piedmont of Virginia
    [​IMG] Just poppin' a Word in...
    Was member for years on the ez-board site...
    Have known Amigo for just as long as an on-line buddy...
    Once had the pleasure of sitting at Counselor5's table...
    I don't travel far from my home anymore because of health...
    but I make myself stay busy fooling with true Araucanas, turkeys, and a mess 'o "goonie-birds"....
    I pop in from time to time to read...
    once in awhile I post...

    I live near Scottsville on the James.
  8. mergmet

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    the swap in VA on April 12

    I will post this under its own topic also.

    Joe Gray auction company
    Address is 14089 Robinson Rd
    Stony Creek, VA 23882

    everyone will bring the birds in to sell off the back of their vehicles, it will be set up so that the backs of the trucks/cars will be facing isles where folks can go through and look at all the birds.

    there is a fee to sell (we have to pay for the location and cover some advertising)

    the fee to sell is $1 per bird up to $10, so the top fee is $10. This will allow folks who only have a couple of birds to get by without the whole fee. most swaps like this have a flat $10 fee. I am thinking anyone 15 and under should sell for free.

    I am doing my best to get lots of birds there, we are advertising with BYC, local stores will have signs, here of course, VA poultry breeders assoc, ncpoultry2. I have a few commitments, and am looking to get lots of birds there. I am also taking flyers up to the acution tomorrow to get the word around the area that we will have birds available that weekend. I will post signs in all the stores that will let me about the meet (ones who sell birds and feed)

    I am contacting a couple of poultry supply folks to get some vendors there. the fee for them is also $10 this first time.

    If we can get this going we will try to do it at least quarterly. The auctioneer would like to add an auction in the future, and maybe bring in other livestock. I don't think we should limit it to birds.

    I am making a flyer, and I would like everyone to post it wherever they can so its seen.

    there will be coffee and breakfast at the concession stand, as well as lunch and drinks/snacks. the hours are 9-3 with the "doors" open at 7 AM or you can come set up the night before if you like.

    this is a big place, we can get lots of folks there, parking for non-sellers is separate, so all the birds and sellers will be close together, buyers will come in but leave their cars elsewhwere.

    Can you help us get the word out?

    I really need everyones input on anything I may have missed. Please let me know what you think and what I should add.

    there are special rules to import from out of state, I will post this under its own topic also

  9. tigger65

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    Mar 30, 2008
    for lisabug and Broom_Hilda we are in the Mt Hermon area of Danville we have 2 Domme pullets and 2 Black Sexlinks (rooster and hen) looking for more Domme's
  10. basicliving

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Shenandoah Valley, VA
    Hi - I joined this forum a short while ago, and thought I would introduce myself to the Virginians on this forum. I live in Shenandoah County. Any other members in this area? We are just starting to build our coop and hope to have chickens in it in the next couple of months. It won't be nearly as nice as the others I've seen pictures of on this site. Wow! You people are really talented!


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