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    Jul 1, 2011
    Here's the background info:

    A few weeks ago I made a KILLER book bag from a chicken feed bag. Put the lifesized pic of the chicken on the front, the write up on the back, a big flap with a smaller inked chicken on it on the front. (stay with me...) I have a phone ringer on my cell phone that sounds like a chicken clucking. Have it up as continuous ring until answered.

    Went to Bible Study last night. Intensive. Always close out with everyone whom wants too, can pray.

    Guess whom didn't put the phone on silent?

    Got about four seconds in with the first person praying and the clucking started. Silence. Broken up by a snort somewhere. My bag was at the opposit end of the room. All eyes riveted to the bag. Sometimes you just can't ignore stuff...Everyone trying over-hard not to laugh, which made EVERYONE laugh. Had to take a break to wipe eyes, blow noses, settle back down, focus....

    Word out was that it was funny enough to hear the chicken...but look over to see where it was coming from....

    and the worst part is that I am the leader/teacher of this class, and ALWAYS remind everyone to turn their phones either off or on silent/vibrate.....
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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Apr 16, 2009
    [​IMG] Funny! I can imagine the looks on their faces!
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
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    Oh my! Sounds like something I would've needed today.
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    Ms. Karen. You and this post is proof positive that Christian people DO have a sense of humor...... Here we go!!!

    My friend Mary hosted Sunday luncheons after church at her home once every other month. When her turn came, the group was a nice mix. Many loud, some quiet, most have a great sense of humor, dog farts are common conversation. This particular day the group was around 20 people.

    We gathered in the kitchen area for the blessing before digging in to a HUGE feast (Christians abuse food like others abuse alcohol), and Mary's hubby was praying when all of a sudden this HUGE fart noise went off. Well, we all looked at Kellie because that is where it came from. She turned white. Mary started laughing so hard I though she would pass out. The woman had a hand held fart machine!!!!! That was a few years ago, and I can say no one is forgetting that anytime soon!!!
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    Jul 1, 2011
    Good one! I have an offbeat sense of humor, and am pretty good at lining up people to do what they normally wouldn't do without a little prodding. Twice a year we hold a four day retreat up in the mountains. We have between 100-170 people, and it takes a lot of organizing for months before to get it going. We break off our core leaders into areas such as camp clean up, cooks, table leaders, musicians. We balance the weekend with lectures, music and skits. Once when I was in charge of all things related to the kitchen, we decided beforehand that we'd do a skit wearing kiddy type zip up with feet blanket jammies. After the skit, we had to book back to the kitchen and prep for everything for breakfast the following morning. One of us (me) misread the directions for the coffee cake. No biggie, just used the wrong sized giant pan. The kitchen is gigantic, lots of stoves, ovens and industrial sized equipment. I get the coffee cakes (note plural, as in using ALL the ovens) and help cut up the fruit. Then we experience the first of our Lucy moments. At the same time we smell somthing burning. Look over at all the ovens. The batter has overflowed so fast that it is OOZING over the cracks between the oven doors and bottom of the oven floor. Looks like a pale version of the Blob movie on steroids. Our kitchen floors are concrete, covered with heavy duty mats (insert Praise God here). .(Insert other words when what once was in the oven adheres to the mats, filling up the spaces as neatly as a waffle iron).

    Wearing rubber aprons over blanky jammies with plastic soled feet isn't very practical. Having the fire department show up because the sensor of the smoke alarm is automatically keyed in even after we turn it off (because we didn't hear the phone ringing they thought it was an emergency). Batter from our hands to elbows, on our faces as we scratched our faces, on our knees from sliding trying to jockey through the mess and move the mats outside, scoop out the batter. I turn to see three Firemen whom (can't often say this) are speechless, trying to settle their expressions on something akin to what their job clarifications dictate. Everyone gets realllllll quiet. I blurt out, "It's ok guys, we killed the blob and buried it deep." On the upside, they were impressed at how fast and thorough we were at cleaning out the ovens.

    Or the time I convinced a group of ladies to join me to TP our new Pastor's house. Joke was on us, we TP'd his neighbor's house instead. He called the neighbor when he saw us and they kept quiet until we finished. Sermon material with no names attached.

    Or the time a group of us went to Catalina. The Pastor's wife and I snuck into another friend's room to short sheet her bed. Got caught. It was funnier when we explained what we were doing, then had to reexplain what short sheeting was. She never heard of it. When she called her grown daughter to share this, her daughter laughed like crazy.

    Or the time I was on Altar Guild, and would take my youngest son with me. Thought I was going nuts when the bread I kept putting out was disappearing. When I asked my nearly 3 year old if he ate it, he answered honestly that he didn't. But he was taking it and storing it down the front of his training pants so that he could take God with him when he was hungry...

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