9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
I'm thankful no cameras were involved.
It stared hailing hard. and pouring rain.
And THEN the kid informs me the ladder to the coop is down and all the birds are out of it.
In my attempt to be a good chickie momma to the 7 wk old chicks and ducks, I went out to put the ramp up and herd them in. I left the gate to the attached garden open. Garden has no greenery except weeds, for some reason the ducks thought the items planted were much more tasty than the weeds, AKA I have no veggies left, AKA it's all mud.
It started as I ran in to the run. The chicks were hiding under the coop. I caught them and threw them in the coop. They immediately started comfort eating.
I grabbed my duck stick. A long stick I use to herd them into a corner when they are being obnoxious. Duck 1 runs to the far end. I slip and slide on mud mixed with spilled food mixed with salad mixed with poop. I corner him by the empty wading pool. She crash lands in the pool and proceeds to slip and slide on the hail. Yelling the whole time. I dive. I miss. She slides out of the pool into the mud on her belly. No more white duckie. She proceeds to run into the garden. 3 inches mud, as it had been tilled deep this morning. I slip and slide to the gate. She spins, turns runs to the fence attempts to dive under it and goes face/beak first into it. Gets loose before I can slip my way to her. does a fake to the right goes left through the gate to the run...right into the former dog house turned duck house. Caught her trying to hide behind it...instead of in it where it's dry. Grabbed her threw her in the coop with the chicks...where she stood and yelled at me while I tried to hunt down the brown duck that blends in with the mud oh so nicely.
Duck 2...I look under the coop. Behind the dog house. Under the step stool. In the garden. No duckie. I KNOW he was there. I had him in the initial chase.
Back in the run I go...slipping on mud mixed with spilled food mixed with salad mixed with poop. only to look up as I hear him laughing at me...from the dog house. Reached in and got a neck. After a few choice cuss words he gave up the fight...flopped down...sliding out of the dog house into the mud mixed with spilled food mixed with salad mixed with poop.

Can you guess who is going to shower as soon as the kids down with her shower? not the #### duck.

Oh I know I shouldn't laugh but it is funny. Too bad there is no pics.

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