Mud in chickens beard.


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
This probably isn't the right place to post this! My Easter Egger hen got mud in her beard making her beard stiff and ugly. How do I got this out? I tried water but that just got it wet...What kind of soap can I use? I don't really care if there is mud in her beard, but I think it might be bothering her. She keeps scratching at it. Silly chickens! lol Thanks:)
dawn dish washing liquid will clean any oil and mud off the beard and is gentle so that it will not iratate the skin, we use this in rescues on the oil spills and any chickens that we rescue.nI have a bad habit of resueing battery hens and any animal that needs HELP!!
I would try to soften it with a rag and some warm water first. Be careful with the Dawn, since it will be used so close to her eyes, and it will also dry out oils in her feathers. Maybe some "No tear" shampoo? Something really gentle is best. Sometimes you won't even need to use soap though, which is ideal. My d'Uccles, Faverolles, and d'Anvers LOVE the apple orchard, which usually means a sticky mess on their faces. Usually just softening it up with warm water then picking it with my fingers works. I've used hand soap before, just a teeny bit when it was really bad. But I would avoid soap as much as possible, because you don't want any in their eyes.

~~Ms. B :)

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