Muddy chicken run floors

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  1. Unsy

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Ive recently had a problem with a very muddy chicken run floor wheremy chickens were up to their knees in mud due to the very bad rain and after reading the forum i have filled the floor with a ton of stone chipoopings and then two tons of concreting sand which has a rough gravel in it .THe chickens love the sand and as we have had very poor weather lately with torrential rain the floor has never been so dry with no mud as before .I would thoroughly recommend this to new owners when they are building their run in the beginning .THere are other benefits to this as long as you put enough sand down and not just a scattering , six inches deep is recommended so as to give the chickens something to scratch about in . Also :) the chicken poo just sits on the surface unlike when you put down bark .THere is also no smell or flies and a regular daily cleaning of the run keeps it nice and clean .

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