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May 16, 2011
Ok so my run is getting muddy and stinky :( It is on a slight hill so sand would just run off if I put it in there. The spot stays wet (ever since we built a garage about 75 feet away...husband wanted garage..I wanted chickens..just wish I knew the water would be an issue in the coup before it was built) My chickens free range most of the time so their pen is for when we can't be home to let them out or if we are on vacation (I have 2 chickens who are afraid of strangers and won't go in at night for the pet sitter). Anyways...I will be on vacation for a week and they will need to stay in their pen. Its a muddy mess and I need to put something in there that will help soak up the water but help with the mud that won't run off through the chicken wire. Does anyone use leaves? The only other problem is that the outside run is only about 3 feet high and hard to get in and out is temporary until I can fix it...phew if you can even understand all
Let see a pic of your coop and run. I had a muddy run too, And it is on slope. Sand sticks just fine! Every once in awhile I have to rake it back to the top of the slope but better that than mud!
for a temporary fix while on vacation If you could dig a small trench on the low side with channels, like you would if you were camping around a tent, use the slope to help drain some of the water. Temporarily i would throw down a few bags of sand and put straw on top until I could dig it out and maybe put gravel/fill like when putting in a concrete pad. It is a bit of work, but if you have a slope thats gonna help for sure, rebar and/or even stones or bricks would help keep stuff uphill and not washing down...

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Better yet read Pat's article!!! awesome advise for muddy run!!
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