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Jan 28, 2009
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I just got finished digging out the grass around my trees in the backyard/chicken yard, in prep for mulching the base. Then I realized... I doubt very seriously I will keep any mulch around the trees with chickens in the yard. hahahah. Oh well. At least we'll try it, probably will end up being a game like the one with the leaf pile. Or anything else I sweep into a pile. They're so darn cute! i know my neighbors think I am nutty. I rake stuff up into piles everyday, just to do it again later.

eta: I dont have too much time on my hands (i have a ton of work to do around here thats not getting done!) I have time for chickens!
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I understand completely.
Too funny, my mother keeps telling me to shovel up the pile but I just leave it for the chickens. I think I've raked it up about 8x in the last 3 weeks. I have plenty of time got laid off. Love playing with my chickens.
MIne are happy dust bathing at the base of my backyard tree...but my dog pees there and my cat thinks it his litter box! I keep shoveling it out and plan to put more dirt there soon!
We've got a nice small banana group near the coop, Whenever I clean the coop out I put the waste around the banana trees, the girls shuffle it around and the plants love it....biggest bananas I've ever seen from that group of plants, they thrive on organic matter and along with the poop in the mulch, they are quite happy.....
The girls aren't much of a problem in the yard and armadillos do more damage than the hens although I work on the armadillo/cat symbiotic relationship, the cats dig holes to bury their poop and the armadillos dig holes looking for grubs. So now, when the armadillos dig a hole, the cat's tend to use that instead of digging one (lazy critters) and a study proved that we need 9.5 cats to equal the number of armadillo holes. We have ten cats so problem solved.....I love it when there's a natural balance to things....
Our chickens have systematically scattered every scrap of mulch from around the trees in our back yard.

And as to the symbiotic relationships... one of our dogs always does her business in the yard just outside the bantam coop. When the bantams are let out they scratch her poop around. The dog on the other hand is totally enamoured with chicken poop. They have their own little symbiotic relationship going on back there.
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