Mulching the Run?


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Apr 27, 2012
We just moved our first ever batch of chicks outside, and they're in an enclosed run until they're big enough that the cats won't mess with them. We're mulching the floor of the run; which is to say that we've covered it over in leaves from last autumn, and the plan is to rake the leaves out once a week and add more leaves as needed. The goal is to sort of compost the leaves and the manure on the floor of the run, let the chickens tear up and break down the leaves, and to provide an environment that will foster delicious worms and slugs for them. My question is, has anyone else tried this? How successful was it? How smelly was it?

And of course, obligatory chick pics:

Chick pics are absolutely required! You have very nice birds there and that BR roo is gonna be a big boy! Your composting idea is what us chicken folks refer to as DLM, deep litter method. Search it here and you will find many threads about it.
And here I was thinking I'd made up something new! Thanks. And yeah, Ruben the Rooster is turning out to be pretty handsome so far. It's a shame, I'm a little crazy about him and we're suburban so we'll have to re-home him once he starts crowing. But he's already giving treats to the girls, so I'm hoping he'll be useful to someone's flock. :)
I find that putting leaves in the run is great for the chickens. They tear them to shreds, then they are gone. Now add more leaves. There is never anything left to rake out. Great recyclers, these chickens. Everything gets turned under and decomposes.


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