Multi-Breed, Multi-Fowl feed Clarification


Feb 18, 2018
Duluth, MN
I just need a wee bit of assitance here. Next week I will be getting in my first ever chicks. It will be a variety of 20 non-Cornish rock meat birds, 10 sex link layers, and 5 “fun” variety layers. Additionally the week after, I will have goslings to feed too.

Now, my initial plan was to go simple and feed an all flock raiser (non medicated!) and be all set. But now the local feed guy have been talking to the dear boyfriend and he is telling me that we need to raise all our birds on a meat bird feed. Once those meat birds get old enough to slaughter, you switch to a layer feed. But I’m not sure how those will do for the “fat” build up in the non layer breeds and I’m curious as to how that layer feed will impact the geese.

Any advice? I would prefer to feed all birds together, not have to reconfigure to raise the meat birds separately.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Thank you. Makes sense. I need to get into the store and actually look at the protein percentages because I have been seeing they are all pretty similar. That will be my convincing point for him to trust my research. :D
Read the feed bags and the labels. Some labels have feed directions on back side. The bag should have a chart showing what type of bird the feed is good for and what age. GC


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Jan 8, 2017
You could feed the flock raiser to all. Then, add oyster shell or crushed egg shell on the side for the layers. The birds that don't need the calcium won't eat it and those that do need it will.
Flock raiser is 20% protein and not too high that you couldn't use it for the whole flock. If you want a lower protein, you could try the all flock feed by Nutrena which is 18% protein.

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Nov 7, 2012
You can brows the feed labels from your computer. Simply do a google search for the manufacturer or the store you buy your feed from if it's a chain store. I prefer to do my searches that way instead of dealing with what ever employee happens to be working behind the desk. Often even the manager of my feed store is not aware of all the products that they COULD have available. For instance, I had to go directly to the supplier to find out what whole grains were available at my feed store!

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