multi level house and PDZ for Muscovies


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this summer I installed poop trays, and started using PDZ for my chickens. I love it. I also love the extra floor space the poop trays give me.

Can I do something similar with ducks?

My ducks are happy to go up a wide shallow pitch ramp.

Could I set up a second story in the duck house with a ramp up to the second level?

Anyone try anything like that?

Anyone try using the PDZ with ducks? I am not exactly sure how it would work, or if they would track it all out in just a week since they would be sitting in it, instead of sitting on a perch over it.

But, maybe since Muscovy perch, I could actually put a perch over the poop tray, just like with the chickens?

Anyone have any experience with any of this?

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