Multiple batches in bator- Didnt turn eggs for first 2 days

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    Sep 18, 2011
    Hey all.. me again.

    I have another question. I am/ was running mulitple batches of eggs in my bator and ignorantly put in fresh eggs 5 days before a hatch was due. I turned them for the first two days however on days 3-6 only turned them once a day and had humidity at around 75% as I didnt want to disrupt the ones that were about to hatch.

    The hatch went well and after the chicks were taken out and from day 7 onwards humidity went back down to 50% and turning eggs 4-5 tims a day.

    I am now on day 9 and i candled a few eggs last night. I can see some of them forming well but not all (some only have veins but I couldnt see an embryo). What I would like to know is did I do a substantial amount of harm by having those eggs with a high humidity for 3 days and only turning them once a day?

    Keen to hear anyone elses experiences/ advice if they have had similar circumstances.

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    Sep 26, 2011
    Just my personal experience, but I had eggs at all different stages in my incubator.
    I too would up the humidity but only to 65-70% when I had eggs/egg in the last 3 days.
    I opened the incubator quickly to remove chicks and my hatch went well. Out of 12 eggs, I only
    had 2 that didn't continue to form and I cant say that was from anything to do with humidity or
    opening the incubator. I did have 1 assisted hatch because the baby was shrink wrapped, however
    the other egg that hatched the same time was fine. I would wait a bit longer and candle again.
    Good luck [​IMG]
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    I do staggered hatches but I have and incubator and hatchers. When it's time to go into lockdown I take the tray out of the incubator and put the eggs into one of the hatchers. I used to try to do staggered hatches in one incubator but I found to do it this way and to have one incubator and different hatchers I don't have to worry about the humidity. I have hand turned but now I have turners. I don't think it will hurt to not turn the eggs for the first couple of days. When I clean out my incubator and start over with a new batch of eggs I sometimes leave the turner off for the first day especially with shipped eggs to let the eggs settle while warming. Good luck and have fun...
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