Multiple Coops in One Pasture


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Apr 30, 2009
Arlington, TX
Can I put 2 coops in my free range pasture? Would the chickens go to back to the coop they were locked in for the first 2 weeks or would all chickens end up in one coop or would it just be a free for all? I could put a fence down the middle of the pasture and separate the flocks and coops but I am trying to avoid that.

Thanks, Jeff
They are living animals so you can never tell for sure what will happen. However, the odds are they will return to the individual coops. I'm not sure why you are concerned unless it is roosting space, but I certainly would not build a fence until they proved I had to.
I think it'll be fine... you'll just end up with two sort of seperate flocks.. some will prefer one coop, the rest, the other. It will be good also if you ever have a broody hen, or decide to breed or introduce new chicks, because then you'll be able to put up a temporary fence between them and keep them seperate for a while

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