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Feb 25, 2011
We're looking at doing some breeding and want to build multiple coops. All of the coops online are singular and fantastic, but I'd like to know some great designs that other BYCers have come up with for breeding purposes. I see some threads about it, but not any pictures. I would love to see that as an option on the coop designs page.


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Feb 20, 2008
Opelousas, Louisiana
The first 4 stalls are breeding pens. The 5th stall has 2 brooders and is also used as a holding pen for small babies and mom when needed. The 6th stall is the feed stall where all feed and supplies are stored.

Pic of 5th stall set up. Mom and babies are in pen and 2 brooders are to the right of the pic. 1 brooder is covered on the side with the feed bag so that the setting hen is not disturberd.

Inside view of brooder in 5th stall with mama and babies.

I have portable roosts that I can remove and put back in the breeding pens as needed.

Portable nesting boxes that are placed in the breeding pens and removed once the breeding pens are transformed back to roost stalls.

It may seem and look like a lot of work but this is the most convenient and functional setup that I have ever hard since I have owned chickens.

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