Multiple No shell , soft shell eggs


7 Years
Feb 24, 2014
Multiple chickens are laying no she'll or soft shell eggs for a while now. Can't figure it out. They have extra oyster shells, I offer yougert frequently. Warm weather. I'm worried something is wrong. Any help?

Outpost JWB

5 Years
Mar 31, 2014
What are they eating? Hopefully layer feed. Avoid table scraps, scratch grains & feed with high sodium.

Are they possibly being stressed at night? I've recently had major predator problems with my flock. Last week a racoon managed to make its way inside the coop. I have lost 10 chickens in the past month from racoons and opossum. I have since corrected the issues and buttoned down the coop. My girls were laying 40-45 eggs a day. Egg production is down to 10-12 a day. They are still stressed.

You mentioned it is hot there. Temperature plays a big part in egg production. Too hot, too cold, they are reserving their energy for survival and not for egg production.

Keep offering them the crushed oyster shell. Let me know how it turns out.

Raisng chickens isn't rocket science......or is it? ;)

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