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I am a new chicken owner. I have a 6mth old RIR that I've raised from a chick. I went to a chicken auction a little over a mth ago to get a few hens as companions when my Barred Rock hen died. He is mating with the Splash Orphington now. Question is, I also bought 4 babies that I think were just identified as D'uccles - 2 roos and 2 hens. I would like to keep all of them, but I didn't know how the roos will act when older. Will the RIR fight the D's or vs/vs? I have but one coop - fairly large area with running pen all enclosed together. My husband would have nothing to do with building anything else - he's not really fond of my new found passion. I don't know if I should look for a home for the roos while they're babies as I'm becoming attached and my RIR is a momma's roo, too! Any tips or ideas out there?
A large rooster like a RIR should not breed with a small hen like a D'uccle as he could crush her or even kill her when breeding. Also, the RIR is much bigger than a D'uccles roosters and could killl them. The math is one rooster for approx, 10 hens so the hens do not get over bred. Many cockerels are super sweet when they are little and then the hormones kick in and some can turn into terrors. Especially if it your first rooster I would start out with a small one. If it were me I would rehome the RIR and keep the D'uccles roosters.
Oh, no! I don't think I could part with him as he is my baby. He loves me to hold him and love on him. He follows me around the yard and he's protective of me. He's so very gentle - to those he knows anyway. lol He will rush a stranger poofed out, but he will let them pick him up if they don't run first. Any other advice? :(
Honestly I've had a large Orpington roo in with a mixed group of banties and standard hens. He was very gentle and none of the hens ever had bare backs or peck marks. The eggs were fertile and the chicks were some of the cutest things ever. Of course I would have removed him if he was more aggressive or rough, but he was a gentleman with his ladies. Right now I have a several large standard hens, one medium sized leghorn mix and one small bantam cochin mix with a Langshan rooster and an EE rooster. My hens are fully feathered and have suffered no ill effects of the roos or the extra lighting for that matter (since that is such an issue this time of year.) A mean rooster can kill a hen of any size and should not be kept.
That said you will end up with too many roos for your hen to roo ratio and you should part with some for hens sake.
Thank you for your input! The pics I see look like they will be such pretty ladies. I hate that I have to part with the roos as I have gotten attached to both of them. I cannot part with my RIR as he is my man. lol I will keep my eyes on him though to make sure he is not rough with the girls when I add them to the flock. Thanks again!
Wow! That really puts things into perspective as far as size. I had no idea they would be so tiny!
I feel I must add my standards and bantams were raised together as chicks so we never had a problem with fighting and whatnot. My smallest were the D'Uccles but as they were from a hatchery they really weren't as small as a breeders would be. The size difference between my standards and bantams weren't nearly as significant as the link pictured above and introducing any chickens to a flock should be done with care. Especially little baby bantams going in with adult standards!

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