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i would like to know if it is legal to keep my five chickens my son has autism and he raised them so he would be devestated also my neighbors dont mind they thing its great. thank you Susan
I looked up the Muncie Ordinances and it's a little confusing.
First, it states anyone living in an area zoned R-1 thru R-6 are prohibited from keeping poultry but then in the next ordinance states as follows:
Sec. 90.21. Fowl running at large.
The running at large within the city of chickens
and other fowl is unlawful and is prohibited. It
shall be the duty of each and every owner or
custodian of any chicken or other fowl within the
city to confine the same upon his premises.
(Ord. No. 16-03, § 21, 8-4-03)
You can google Muncie Indiana City Ordinances and go to your cities home page. There you will find a link to download city ordinances. It is under section IX-3 Hope this helps.
I thought it was contradictory so I would call and ask for clarification.
Thank you Ive looked it up and it is very confusing only a few of my neighbors know and they think its great that my son raised them. I dont want to call and find out cause i dont want to alert the wrong people Thank you for the welcome. i look forward to talking to you all again. Ill need alot of advice i am very new to owning chickens lol
Find out what YOUR property is zoned as--don't even mention chickens, just that you want to know what your zoning is. Of course there may be online maps of the different zoning districts. Post a link to the zoning code and I'll take a look & give you my opinion.
I tried to find a map but no luck. Maybe there's a trick to it.

Anyway, from what the zoning info says, it looks like R-1 through R-6 is commercial, student housing and the Ball State campus. I'm not sure because there have been several appeals and ammendments. I am with Sonoran Silkies, I would call to find out what zone you are in and not mention the chickens and go from there
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