Murray McMurray hatchery?

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  1. Vamvakas

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    Sep 30, 2011
    North Branford, CT
    I know theres alot of topics on Murray McMurray Hatchery... But, I ordered from them the first in late november and there coming in early april, getting around 43 chicks and spent almost $190, so I am abit concerned.

    Are they healthy chicks?

    Are bigger orders a good idea from MM? I usually get orders around 15-28, not 43.
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  2. Pocket Money Poultry Farm

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    Dec 10, 2011
    Matthews, IN
    I received my order of Wyandottes, 35 of them, on 1/30/12 for McMurray.
    Had one DOA in the box when I opened it. Had 8 die within the first 48 hours.
    I have not lost any chicks after the 48 hour time period.
    The remaining chicks are healthy and growing well.

    You call the hatchery at the end on the 48 hours after they arrive and report the dead.
    They cheerfully refunded my money for the lost chicks.
    I will order from them again.
  3. BLRWyandotte

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    Feb 18, 2012
    I placed a order with Murray McMurray last night for 25 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. They should be delivered around Sunday March 25, 2012 - Wednesday March 28, 2012.[​IMG]
  4. we have ordered from MM many times and only a couple die, they all grew up healthy and died within the first 24 hours, I like MM very much
  5. Theeggboxtoo

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    Oct 5, 2010
    In the 4 times I have ordered from hem, only 1 has died, the rest are always healthy and happy [​IMG] The last time I ordered I got 52 and not a single one died!
  6. wildcat chix

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Barbourville, Kentucky
    We placed our order about a month ago. 25 Top Hat special, 10 Lakenvelders, and 5 Phoenix.

    Got our phone call / text message at 6am last Saturday that they were on the way. Now the waiting began. They were due to arrive on Valentine's Day. We called the post office so many times by Tuesday morning they were tired of hearing from us!!! They just kept telling us "not yet" and "we'll call you - we get chicks all the time"

    When they didn't show up on the appointed morning, my wife, (already worried about the babies' trip from Minnesota during the coldest weekend so far this winter - it was in the 50s all the week before), called MM and spoke to someone in authority. He told her they were having some issues shipping to Kentucky and that the owners were trying to sort it out. He said that he could only guarantee the chicks if they arrived by the due date. He said to her, "Even if those chicks show up tomorrow in perfect health, I will replace your entire order." They gave us 2 options - refund the whole cost back to our card, or replace the order. We went ahead and had them replace the order

    Well, they showed up on the 15th. The post office called and said, "They're here, but I don't hear any peeping." My wife opened the box to 41 dead chicks. From the conditions inside the box, they either froze to death or starved. The box was full of poop and all the gro-gel they put in for the trip was gone. All the chicks were huddled together for warmth. She said they were still limp, so they probably hadn't been dead long. Her morning was spent holding a mass funeral for 41 babies that never had a chance due to "logistical problems".

    We are expecting our replacement order the week of March 12th. We will try this one more time. MM's customer service is first-rate and I hope that this is, as I was assured, an isolated incident. I also hope we don't lose too many in shipping. It was too hard on my wife to open the box to see those beautiful chicks in that condition.

    Like I said, we're trying again and hoping for the best.

    Wish us luck....
  7. mb poultry

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Southwest Virginia
    We had the same issue in SW Virginia. Our chicks were to arrive from McMurray on Valentines day, and didn't. When they did arrive, all were dead. Customer service was great, reshipping order for March 5th. We were concerned about the cold weekend also. What still concerns me was last July our order never arrived until Thursday, but they all survived except one. I guess warm weather made the difference. I am just worried this lengthy shipping is a trend in our area, we only live 30 minutes from the Kentucky border, and thats 3 late shipments I know of. Since our replacement order is the wee before yours, I'll let you now what happens.
  8. mandoschickens

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    Mar 23, 2009
    I ordered 25 chicks and they arrived on 1/30/12. we lost 5 chicks in the first 24 hours. I called MM and they were gonna refund my card. I told them to add the replacement chicks to my next order, which is due Tuesday. The rest of the group is doing fine. I even added some of my own chicks that we hatched and vaccinated to the group and no one is dying. MM seems to have pretty good stock and most importantly(from my experience) excellent customer service. did my second order via MM live chat. I loved that!!! 1 thing I noticed is their prices are pretty fair. some of the other hatcheries charge a lot more for the same chicks. I ordered the rainbow layer special the first time and 2nd order is the very rare special. I plan on ordering Turkey from them next.
  9. BLRWyandotte

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    Feb 18, 2012
  10. Pocket Money Poultry Farm

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    Dec 10, 2011
    Matthews, IN
    I have 6 of McMurray's BLR Wyandottes. All are healthy and growing well. They're 4 weeks old.
    I think they're pretty but they're far from SQ birds.


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