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Mar 23, 2010
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OK, so I am going to look at some little chickies on Sunday. The parents are from Murray McMurray. What kind of quality will these babies be? Would it even be worth my time to go out and look? I have wanted BOs for a few months now and he is the closest that I have found for BOs.
I purchased my BO's from McMurray last year. They are healthy. I would have to say that they are not show quality but one looks very close to me. One has yellow legs...BO's are not suposed have yellow legs. If you are not looking for show quality, you should be just fine. Hope it goes well for you
Yes....go get those chicks!! I have ordered chicks from them twice and have been very happy with the quality of their chicks. In fact, I still have 3 elderly girls that turned 10 yrs old this past March that were in my very first batch of chicks from MM.

I ordered some chicks from them last June and one of the Buff O's (from that order) hatched out 3 chicks around 6 weeks ago and she has been an excellent mother and was only 10 1/2 months when she hatched them.

This is my buff from MM:

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I have gotten better quality chicks from McMurray hatchery than from the local person I bought some chicks from. I mean the temperment has been better in the ones I ordered from McMurray. I have always ordered live chicks from McMurray. Go for it!!
We bought 5 different breed's about 5 year's ago when We just got started.They all did very well.We bought,duckwing's, sumatra's, silver wyandotte, blue cochin, and golden posish. I Have ordered turkey's duck's and geese from them as well and all did great minus one shipment of runner duck's but that was PO fault sadly and they did refund us and we re-ordered and those all arrived safe. I would take a look definately I have never had any problem's with Mc Murray stock.
I have only ordered once and just received my order on Monday but I can say I am thrilled with them. They sent extra chicks so even with the two that died on the trip I still ended up with the same number of chicks I ordered and the ones I have are beautiful and so healthy. I would do it again. They were great!
We purchased our first chickens (RIR's) from MM last July. One of the girls became broody and 3 weeks ago she gave us 8 little ones. We are very happy with the chickens we purchased from MM.
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