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My Coop
I have been eyeballing their current availability list as my order is supposed to ship (via feedstore order) end of the month. They have just in the last couple days updated the availibility for some of the more popular breeds as available (even pullets) for next week.

Anyone looking to order asap may want to check it out. My feed store put an order in very recently and what I ordered is listed under "males only" for the dates we ordered....but they allowed us to order pullets only without bumping out the ship date.....So I'm thinking calling them may actually get better results.

Just an FYI as I know some places are sold out for MONTHS (I am going to put a smallish order into Ideal for May/June delivery, depending on whether all of my McMurray chicks make it alive in a few weeks). Anyone who wants pullets and is an option

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