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Jul 13, 2015
I had 5 mutt babies hatch out 2 years ago. One rooster got a fever at 3 weeks and had a lot of muscle weakness. He lived 6 months. Then another rooster at 2 yrs all of a sudden became weak. He was the lead rooster up till this point. I dont think this is mareks because none of my other 18 are showing symptoms. Any ideas of possible neurotoxin poisioning? Would nightshade berries do that? I saw a bunch of them eating then last fall but didnt seem to get sick. Or could it be a genetic thing. They looked alike so mom was probably the same
Mareks can be in a flock without everyone showing symptoms. Most carry the disease all their lives without problems and others succumb. I always suspect Mareks when I see problems walking, standing or a drunken walk. They will worsen where injuries tend to improve.

Since those actively showing symptoms are also shedding the virus we tend to give them a week than make the decision to cull if they haven't improved. I see one a year or every few years out of chicks I raise. I know my flock carries Mareks but it isn't a rampant problem, and most of my birds live long lives.

Things like botulism can also cause paralysis. They get that from consuming moldy feed or maggots feeding on a carcass. Generally you will see the neck involved, hence it's other name of limber neck.
Thanks for the reply. After doing a little more research I read that same information you gave me. I gave him a week and he didn't improve so I did have to cull him since one of the other roosters was trying to kill him. I appreciate the information
Sorry, but it sounds like it was for the best. Other chickens will attack an odd or sick acting bird to remove it and any diseases it is carrying from the flock.

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