Muscocvy Eggs are Hatching!


Overrun With Guineas
11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
Barton City, MI
This is day 43 of what is supposed to be 35 days that my duck is sitting on her 7 eggs in the garage. Since nothing seemed to be happening we were going to throw them out, but not till we candled them first to see what went wrong.

Good thing we did! One egg had a star shaped crack in it and something inside was moving. We candled 2 more and saw more movement. So we fixed her nest back up (we'd cleared it out while she was outside eating) and put everything back. I just checked and she's back on the nest as though nothing happened.

All I can figure is the floor is so cold, even with the newspapers I slipped under the eggs 3 weeks ago, that development slowed way down.

Got my fingers crossed now.
Me, too! DH didn't know why I wanted to candle, he just figured they never developed after this long. Boy I am glad I just didn't listen to him this time!
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