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Nov 23, 2009
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I can't find my camera to get a good picture - but I noticed on my yearling hen (only layed one clutch) has a "pooch" hanging down under her .... reminds me of a fat pouch like a dog gets along the under abdomen. i have never seen a duck with this .... any ideas? I will try to get a pic with my phone until I can find my camera.

Thank you
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How much feed do you give them? mine have a grassy pen and they are starting to get one like that, so im cutting back on feed because they are always foraging, maybe shes getting fat, and when i started to cut down they have not been getting any larger..try cutting back on feed maybe??
You have a fatty with the nice keel. Don't worry I have one too. Cutting back on feed will prevent it from getting larger. The bad news is that it will never go away. It will get thin, but the flap with hang forever.
Gah ---- i was afraid of that - LOL!

I have a large plastic jug that was from my husbands protein drinks and the 18 ducks and about 18 chickens get 3/4 of one of scratch twice a day and then they get some bread also - not much though .... they are spoiled by my husband!!! They also free range all over the acreage.

Thanks ya-all!!

Here is a pic of one of my August hatchlings - I am LOVING this color!!!

Ditch the scratch and bread. That is a sure way to fatten up a duck. The ducks may look fat, but in reality they are mal-nourished, since scratch does not provide the essentials. Stick to the normal grower developer feed mix. You calculate 1/3 of a pound of feed per duck per day. Reduce some, if they free range and find their own food. In winter give the full ration when there is snow on the ground. A little bit of scratch will work in winter to keep them well "fat" insulated.
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Sorry - I refer to their food as scratch - it really is the duck food .... sorry for the confusion there.

Thank you - I am very new to ducks :)

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