muscovie questions that I cant find answers to!

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    I have 4 muscovies that are 11 weeks and they are still on the chick/duck starter/grower NON-medicated. they are free range and boy do they free range everywhere! mostly their up by the main door of the house. LOL their my gaurd "dogs"

    what feed do I switch them to?
    and when?

    and when do muscovies start laying?

    mine are "flying" about 50 feet, but close to the ground.
    what age might they fly away?

    when should I clip wings?


  2. Your hens will start laying about 2 wks after they begin being bred. Generally 5-6mo but sometimes a bit younger.
    You can clip their (one wing) now if you don't want them flying around. Clip wings after each molt but generally the boys get too heavy to fly much once they reach 1yr and the girls won't fly off if they are brooding and raising a clutch of ducklings.
    You can switch to flock raiser now and either keep with that but make oyster shell avail. for the hens when they begin laying or switch to layer feed once they begin laying.
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    My muscovie drakes can still fly out of the yard if they can get onto something high enough I clip their wings too

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