Muscovies, Buffs, and Campbells? Where can I order all three??


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
The title says it all. I'd like all three breeds, but I can't find a hatchery who sells them all except for Hoffman, and they sell them only in larger quantities. I just want a few of each -- for eggs, perhaps meat, and bug control. Also for company and fun. I'm not experienced at raising ducks, although I've raised guineas before. I need to start small, both because I'm not experienced and also because my husband is currently against the idea of getting ducks. I and the kids will convince him, but only if we can start small.

McMurray sells Muscovy eggs and the other two as ducklings, but I'm not confident in hatching and I don't have the equipment. Any suggestions or solutions?
if you are just wanting a few I would start with Craigslist and other local ads. Surely there is someone that has ducks around you that would sell you some. I just bought 10 muscovy ducks yesterday at the salebarn. (Only paid $4.50 each for them)

Good Luck!
Oh, thank you! What a great idea! I just found several ads for muscovies on craigslist when I looked really quickly. The other breeds aren't so plentiful, but maybe I could order the others as ducklings, and then get the muscovies locally. Thank you!!

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