Muscovy and non-muscovy breeding question


10 Years
Aug 21, 2009
I have 3 muscovy hens and one drake and I have 12 Ancona duck hens and 4 drakes. My question is, will my muscovy drake try to mate with my Ancona hens even though he has 3 hens?
And will my Ancona drakes be at all received my the muscovy hens? I realize total seperation is best for purity of bloodlines and to insure against mules, but I plan on letting them all freerange during the day, and I dont want to have to rotate field time. Thanks for the help!
They don't care who they mate with... or so I've read.
They will breed any girl they can pin down, sometimes a chicken too. If you hatch your eggs, you'll have a lot of "mules" to send to freezer camp unfortunately. If you want to breed bot breeds and can't seporate into two groups. Pen up your males of 1 breed and for a month have the others with the girls. Then you can hatch just the 1 breed, or all the eggs knowing some will be mules but the ones that look true to breed are pure. Then switch your boys out and collect the other breed's eggs. (Hope that made sense - you're controlling which breed will be purebred this way.)
That was what I though. I was hoping I was wrong. I will just rotate pasture and pond time by breed when I am looking for fertile eggs. They are already seperated when penned, but during the day they mill around, sort of, together. The scovies mostly keep to themselves, they are "too good" to be around the Ancona's. But I figured during breeding season all bets would be off. Thanks.
Actually my experience has been that the Muscovy will pretty much segregate naturally, the mallard derivs will mate with a Muscovy duck much more readily than vice versa. My Muscovy drakes never bothered my Welsh ducks, at all.
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