Muscovy Breeders: Which Muscovy Drakelet do I keep?

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OK, Mr Drake Passed the first of March. Snow White immediately started setting her eggs. Meanwhile Mommy and Auntie had been setting and passing eggs back and forth like usual and I ended up with 7 Ducklings from them. Later Snow White hatched 3 of her eggs. I think Auntie killed one of the babies, another had an accident. When I realized she wasn't letting Snow or the baby near the food I took the baby into the house for a few days. Put the baby back out all was well with everyone. Until Auntie saw the Duckling. She tried to kill it, Man that Duckling could run all out across the yard. Zipped right past the Juniors like a streak of lightening. Back to the house for that scared girl. Auntie is no longer with us, she was delicious.

So, I need to choose. Should I Keep the Black Draklet that is surely Aunties? And then breed Mommy and Snow to it. It is black with barring. I hadn't planned on keeping Mommy, but I could for another year. I prefer one of the Pied with a cape like Mr Drake, which could be either Mommy's or Aunty's. Snow's baby is a Duck and I could keep one of the other ducks and breed them to a Caped Pied Drakelet? The one ducks brother, maybe.

I can't decide. When Mr Drake died, I was ready to stop breeding them now and start over sometime in the future with new Muscovies. Unfortunately I culled the Juniors, then found out about the new laws 3 days later. With the New Muscovy laws, they are grandfathered in, so I don't want to let the Muscovies go. I also want to be careful of inbreeding. Well, that should have just gave me the answer that I need, the one I don't really want.

I can't give up on them anyway. Its the only meat my DH can eat that doesn't bother him and he loves duck sausage. I am the only one that eats the Duck eggs so, I don't really want to keep more than 2 ducks. But then I have a couple of really pretty Ducklings. And of course, little Streak is a beauty like her mother, Snow White.
I read somewhere(its been a while back) that Muscovy Ducks are the least affected breed if being inbred. It takes some serious inbreeding to cause any physical (internal/external) disabilities or deformities. if you are only breeding for meat then i don't think it would be a problem, but if you're keeping babies from every clutch and later breeding them back to daddy/brother/uncle that could become a problem. their genetic makeup just gets too much alike and starts to screw with them.

I bought all my Orig. birds from a closed flock, they had had them for many years. the great grandfather was still in the flock(although nearly inactive). I kept only 1 drake and all the hens i got. I still have Sidney but this year, since I am keeping some hens, i have been considering getting an unrelated drake to add to the flock. Last year, one of my girls hatched the CUTEST little white baby, just adorable. She was very very small and 'round' for a long time, almost like a muscovy/call-looking cross. i don't know if it was caused by inbreeding or just something strange that randomly happened. She looks like a muscovy now but is still kinda small. Thankfully this year i havent seen any funky ducklings but I also added a lot of new hens.

Hopefully I helped, but if not, thanks for letting me ramble, lol.
I hadn't read about the inbreeding problem not being so much of a problem for Scovies. That is really good to know.

I am a little concerned because Mommy and Snow White have not layed eggs since hatching and Mr Drake's passing. I am afraid they won't mate with the young Drake. Obviously I adored Mr Drake and his color and markings and was devustated when I found him. He was so gentle with his girls and the youngsters and a great protector. He and the Roos would confront Hawks until the Dogs took over chasing them off, the Hawks.

I have another Draklet with similar markings that I want to replace him with. More than likely he is Mommies son and the similar daughters are her's. Auntie was black with a very small amount of Barring like the Black Drakelet and his obvious sister with Angel wing.

Mommie and Auntie both had Angel wing and 2 of this hatch are getting Angel Wing despite having given them fresh Romain, Peas and green beans and Greens from day 3. So Genetically I would say Mommie is not a breeder to keep.

I think I will keep Snow and her daughter, Streak, and the one duck that befriended Streak when I reintroduced her, they pal together. I think the other Drakelet is paling with them, too. I have to watch them more to make sure its the one I am thinking about. 5 of them are very close in markings and hard to tell apart if I am not up close. I am still undecided on the Drake, actually either will be very pretty, put I am partial to the Black Pied and Cape. I have room for 3 ducks and Snow has taken over as quard Duck in Mr Drakes and Aunties absence. I feel she is needed. She is not a very good layer or mother but she knows this yard and has lessons to teach the youngsters. She led the whole troop to the hen house to scout it out for goodies, and probably look for Mr Drake. (They had stayed there with the Chickens during Mommy and Aunties winter hatch). Plus Auntie treated her so bad, I want her to have more time living it up.

Yes, my birds are all meat birds sooner or later, but I only breed what is pleasing to my eyes and they are spoiled. I thoroughly enjoy watching them, watching them raise their little families and co-mingling with each other (chickens and Scovies).

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