Muscovy Drake walking around hunched up...ideas why?


16 Years
Feb 1, 2008
So we have a Muscovy drake that wandered into our yard about a year ago, and for the past 24 hrs, he's not really acting himself. He sort of keeps his neck hunkered down into his body, like when they sit....and isn't really walking around the yard much. He's been drinking and eating a little, but something is off with him and wondered if you guys might have ideas. I have no idea how old the duck is. I do provide them a kiddie pool for swimming and he's even been caught on occasion of bathing in my horse troughs. I'd appreciate any ideas you guys might have.
Thanks in advance.
He hasn't really flown in a while. He just hangs out with the female ducks we got for him. He doesn't appear to have lost weight, kind of hard to pick him up and tell. He's just been walking around or sitting around without extending his neck. I've seen him do it, just don't know why he seems kind of down. I noticed when I got home, he's standing out in the rain with the girls and his tail is hanging down a bit. I believe his poo is normal for a duck. They're free range, so it's hard to catch. I know this isn't definitive answers, but it's all I have to go on. As far as I know, he hasn't eaten anything off or that he shouldn't. I haven't seen him "take a bath" in a while. Would that have anything to do with it? It's raining now, so he's getting a freebie even if he doesn't want it.

Thanks for responding and trying to help.
he could have something one of my females has she's been really sick became anemic and lost her ability to fly, and her weight has dropped drastically, i can't remember the name of it but ill get back to you on that, but she has to have penicillin every night and she has only gotten better slightly, she still anemic. its best to catch the sickness early or they only have a 50 50 chance

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