Muscovy Drake with khaki Campbells


Jun 5, 2018
Hi all! I have a friend who wants to give me her lonely old muscovy because he needs some friends I have three young khaki females I am not interested in attempting to breed them but I'm wondering if the muscovy will try to breed with them if I keep them in the same pen, and will it be harmful to them due to the muscovy being much larger I'm worried he might drown one in the kiddie pool? Thanks
He will most likely breed them. I doubt he will hurt them. Muscovy hens are much smaller than the drakes. My drake doesn't mate in the pool - he always catches the girls on dry land. I'm not sure if that is the same for all muscovy drakes though as mine is almost 8 months old. But, muscovies aren't as fascinated by the pool as mallard derived breeds. They will enjoy a fresh pool for a bit and then forget about it.

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