muscovy drakes and predators


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
My Coop
My Coop
Are these ducks territorial or something?

I noticed when a cat comes close to his house he will let out this crazy hiss gurggling noise it sounds like a PYTHON

Then he fluffs up his head and the cats seem to understand this language and avoid bothering him

Is this normal predator reaction?

These are not push over cats my cat has killed a full grown weasel 3 times in his life the weasel was ruining my life i could not keep them out of my sheds and they would kill more birds then they needed! the cat ended up learning how to hunt them and now we dont have any.
I would rather tackle a bob cat than try messing with a muscovy duck. Last Saturday I helped a friend catch and cage four, for shipping. We both look live we were in in knive fight.
Someone gave me a male Muscovy male once and he would follow us around and bite our legs. He was so mean that I "regifted" him to someone else after a few weeks.
You really have to be careful about their feet. They don't have nails , they have CLAWS!!
Mine usually got along with my chickens, However I raised a lot of babies and the younger drakes would go after my hens sometimes in an amourous way. I had one Rooster that my old drake didn't like .and they would tie up every once in a while. You will just have to observe and see how they get along- Each one is individual like people and act according to their personality. When I got rid of all the younger extra males I didn't have much of a problem.

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