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    I recently bought some muscovy eggs on BYC and there really isn't that much information online about incubation of muscovy eggs. One website said it takes about 35 days for incubation, and another said about 38 days. Any other information about muscovy incubation would be great! Also, I have a R-COM Mini incubator along with a Little Giant with an egg turner in it. Which would be best? Thanks.

  2. My folks used to raise Muscovy hundreds of them. As I remember the eggs were big compared to chicken eggs, will they fit in your turner? We had no incubator, the ducks hatched their own.

    I remember the Muscovys would stand around in a circle and talk in a hiss. A Mallard female dropped onto our ranch from a migrating flock and never left. She was noisy at first, like all Mallards after a good while she began to stand in the circle with the Muscovys and do their hiss, she had learned their language. And the drakes with their red receeding hairline! Excuse the rambling, I love Muscovys.

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    I believe Muscovies are 35 days? Pushing this to the top anyways.
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    I hatch lots of Muscovy . There is no set day like chickens are at 21 days.
    The Muscovy range from 33-37 days. The temp should be around 99.5 - 99.75 mol. Humidity 90-94 wet bulb. Should see hatching by day 35. usually finished by day 38.

    Good Luck

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