Muscovy duck? Hatch in 28th day! What breed are they? Upload new pics


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I ordered some muscovy eggs from ebay last month. Today is the 28th day they are in the bator. I am suprised to find one duck in my bator, and another one start pecking the shell. As muscovy hatch in 35 days, so I candled other eggs. I can see some eggs look nealy out and some still in the way. Dose that mean they are not Muscovy, or mix with other breed's eggs. I tried to contact the seller in ebay, but cannot find her post. She had withdraw all of hers on ebay. I don't know what happened.
Now I am worried if they are cross with other breed, as we know Muscovy cross is mule. And also, other breed of duck, like pekin, is too noisy as I am in the residental area. Now the duck is still in the bator, I will post the picture after she is dry. Hope someone can help me to identify the breed.
By the way, Can Muscovy still be hatched in 28th day sometimes if the temp is too high?




Don't know if the picture is clear to see the breed, or might be too young to see?
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General rule is for every one degree the temp is out- you cant expect a day difference in hatch- that is assuming the temp was the same through the whole incubation- so calculating that it would have to be 7 degrees difference to explain a temp difference- it cant be that as you would have none alive if you temp was that far off. Sounds like you got cross bred or not muscovy eggs at all. Posting pics when you can is a great idea - Im sure someone on here will be able to help you work out what they are.

Buying eggs sure is a risk when its so impersonal like ebay, you never really know what you are going to get. I know it is sometimes the easiest way to find eggs when you dont have people with ducks close by - but maybe you could try and find out if there is some kind of poultry club somewhere near by where you can ask for the name of a breeder who can can get some " correct" eggs from .
The shipped egg really frustrated me. I ordered some bathes but never got a good hatching rate, and always getting some chicks with congenital defects. I just found one local breeder of muscovy and tried to get another batch for try.
Hi, I am new to muscovys, but from my experience they look different than other ducklings. They have a different shape to their body, and that one doesn't look like he is one. He looks more like a pekin. I've hatched many pekins and they all look the same!
And the muscovys I've hatched all hatch on or around day 35. 7 days is quite a big difference. I'm sorry but I don't think that is a muscovy. This is exactly why people can't be trusted!
And you just never know, they could've had some drakes crossbreed with their hens, or maybe they threw some extras in that weren't muscovys. People can be very dishonest just to make a buck or two.
If you log into your ebay account you should be able to go to the page where you won the auction and click on contact the seller there.
Baby sure is cute whatever it turns out to be.
Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.
Unfortunatelly, I did not bid the aution on ebay. I just paid the invoice that the seller send to me. When I checked her record, the feedback is 100% and she got many tranaction before. So I trusted her but actually I was wrong.
The little duckling are very cute. However, I am living in a residental area and cannot keep the noisy breed. That is why I choose Muscovy. I have to give them to my friend, if they turn out to be noisy.
Well don't make any rash decisions just yet. If they are Muscovies (which I agree they don't really look like) then they'll be lovely and quiet, if they're Mules they may have inherited the Muscovy voice and will still be quiet and if they are not Muscovies at all, you may still be able to keep males as they are quieter (though not as quiet as Muscovies). Just enjoy them for now and wait and see what happens as they grow older, then you can decide what to do with them
I also bought some muscovy eggs on ebay last year that hatched after 28 days. Mixes.
I hatched a muscovy cross out this year between my own muscovy drake and runner duck- hatched at 28 days. They all started out the same with the ability to peep and quack but over the weeks, got raspier and raspier until finally lost their 'voices' just like the muscovy.

Babies are adorable, good luck with whatever they turn out to be.

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