Muscovy duck ratio


Nov 23, 2018
I currently have 2 ducks and 1 drake. I have seen most say that 3-4 is the appropriate ratio. What issues may arise from only having 2 ducks for 1 drake? I would like to get more although this may be difficult to do quickly as none of the hatcherys sell Muscovys and I will need to find someone local.
I have found with my Muscovy drakes they aren't near as rough on their females as other domestics. So you maybe able to get away with 2 to 1 but Just as precaution start looking for 1-2 more females. My Muscovy drake has 4 female Muscovy and none show wear and tear of course this time of year mating has stopped and egg laying too so if your not in the deep south you have some time before mating season starts up again to find a few more females.


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