Muscovy Duck


Overrun with Runners
12 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
I did. We had three brooders - the ducklings kept outgrowing them. The ducklings also arrived a month early (long story, no one's fault, really), and it was a cold spring, so they were 3 months old when we finally moved them to their outdoor shelter. I kinda liked having eleven Runners in the guest bedroom!

Their third brooder was two puppy playpens connected together, with 6 mil plastic across the bottom and a foot up the sides. I took them outside to play on nice days.


5 Years
Aug 10, 2016
I don't know if they necessarily need to stay in a brooder type container for such a long time, but you could put them in a cage that has a pan underneath it to collect their droppings and keep the cage clean.

If you don't have one, just raise up a cage on some bricks and have newspaper underneath it.

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