Muscovy ducklings for sale in SoCal


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Southern CA
Muscovy ducklings hatched 5/30-5/31. Current head count is 13 ducklings but we might get some straggler hatches. Hatched to a single drake and 3 mothers nesting together, none of them show quality but very pretty and productive.

The mothers are all direct siblings from the same hatch last year. Male is unrelated, so no concerns about inbreeding here. Drake is all black with a white bib and has lots of brilliant blue, green, and purple iridescence. He is pretty hefty as well.

Hens are blue/black/white pied, blue/white pied, and black/green iridescence/white pied. Fairly heavy for females, but amazing egg producers. Nearly one per day and have a very short dormant period during the winter.

I cannot ship, so looking to make this a local sale. I live in Los Angeles County.

$10 per duckling.
I would love to get a few of your Muscovy Ducklings if you still have any left. I live in La Mirada and Have one Muscovy Duckling that I hatched out that has been living with the chicks
but need some friends like her, Thank You Dennis

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