Muscovy Ducklings for Sale (SC)


11 Years
Jan 30, 2008
Beaufort, South Carolina
I recently had a Muscovy hatch out 17 babies, after two weeks she has only 15..

I have decided I need to sell some of them because I cannot have 20+ muscovies running around here!

The father was a all white male, with a small black spot on his head, he was from JM Hatchery, the mother is mostly black with white chest and head...

The babies are two weeks old this weekend, and I can sell ASAP.
They are going to be $5 each or 10 for $40 (or $4 each)

I can sell as soon as Tuesday as tommarwo I will pick the five I wish to keep.

I will not ship, must be picked up at farm

PM me for more information!

Here are some pictures of them as day olds...
(They are still all fluffy just a little bigger, some have tail feathers starting to come in)



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