Muscovy Ducks in AZ


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Jul 24, 2018
Hi everybody,
I have never posted before but been reading the advice and stories on forums for quite awhile now and greatly enjoy this site. I have two young muscovy drakes who need a home if anybody would like them or could take them. Location - around the chandler/gilbert area in AZ. The colorful drake is about 3 to 4 months old. He's a little special in the sizing department and is not as big as your average male muscovy would be but does have lovely colors. The mostly black drake is super sweet and a bit spoiled, he grew big really fast and had heavy wings that he didn't learn how to keep them up for long time. He's a bit of a special case as well, if you arrange his wings for him they lay perfectly but he still doesn't layer them right on his own. He's 5 1/2 months old. Hopefully the pictures attach on here
20181124_171142_-_ CP.png
20181206_115409[1].jpg TINY2.png
20181124_171301[1].jpg CPS.png
20181125_164941[1].jpg CP again.png


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Mar 19, 2010
Hello, we are in the Morenci/Safford area and are looking for Muscovy duck eggs for a 4-H incubation project. Would you have any available, or know of any? Thanks!

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