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  1. I have Muscovy eggs for hatching.

    My hens are:
    3 Chocolate/White pied
    2 Black/white pied

    My drakes are:
    3 black/white pied

    My ducks have good fertility rates and are 100% healthy and were hatched by me between 2004 and 2007.

    $8 for 6 eggs + any extras laid that day
    $12 for 12 eggs + any extras laid that day

    Shipping is $12 USPS Priority & each egg is bubble wrapped & individually wrapped.

    **I will also accept offers/trades**

    I'm looking for:

    I will accept trades for other Muscovies (chocolates or blues) to diversifiy my bloodlines
    Golden Laced Cochins (Standards)
    Sultans (Standards)
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  2. shmooborp

    shmooborp artistic fowlism

    ohhhhh sounds fun! i am building an incubator and i have always wanted to hatch ducks! im possibly interested.
  3. Okay, just let me know....
  4. Okay...I just sold 24 on eBay! Whew! So I'm out for right now...I will post again when my girls lay some more. Thanks!

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