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    Feb 6, 2018
    Hi Hannah
    Hello everyone, I'm sure you all know a lot about the Muscovy duck, it is not domesticated from the mallard like every other domestic duck. A Muscovy can create a hybrid with a Rouen, the result is a very beautiful brown and white bird with a small amount of black caruncle. The hybrid is also very big and has the ability to fly. It can communicate with both muscovies and other domestic ducks. A YouTuber named Matt runs a channel called 50 ducks in a hot tub, he raises hundreds and hundreds of ducks each year to donate to homeless shelters. I found out about the hybrid through Matt's channel, in 2015 he hatched out one of these magnificent birds, it was very muscovy like, it would roost up above the ground, and it was a solid brown with a white ring around its neck and a small amount of black caruncle. He named it Disco and it took him 2 years to finally find out that Disco was a hen. The next time he hatched another hybrid was in 2016, he hatched out 2 hybrids, they looked more Rouen like, they stood and walked like Rouens but sported a fancy muscovy crest and strong wings that were capable of lifting them off the ground. Disco also had a crest.

    I do not visit Matt's channel very frequently right now and I am not sure how many hybrids he owns, last time I checked it was just 2, Disco and a nameless one, Matt was very excited to have these hybrids and he said the chance of hatching one was like 1 in 100, I believe him, he has been hatching ducks scene 2014 and has definitely hatched over 1000 and has only ever gotten 3 hybrids! I was wondering about the hybrids recently, I want to know how they are made, is it a male Muscovy and female Rouen, or is it a female Muscovy and Male Rouen? Can these hybrids be made with other domestic ducks like a Pekin for example? I assume they can because a lot of domestic ducks that were domesticated from the mallard are very similar to the Rouen.

    Have any of you guys had a Hybrid Muscovy? Matt said that the Hybrids are like Mules, they can not successfully reproduce, but do they still lay eggs? Hopefully someone here has had a Hybrid Muscovy or knows a lot about them, all my knowledge of them came from Matt so I don't know anything besides what I have seen on his channel about these birds.It would be awesome if you guys could share your knowledge of this bird with me, I would like to learn more about it and possible even attempt to get a hybrid, I have both Muscovies and Rouens so I could attempt to breed for one.
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    Actually, it's pretty common :) In fact, moulards, which are used in the meat industry, are crosses of pekins and muscovies. Muscovy hybrids aren't rare to get at all - they're pretty much the duck equivalent of mules. When given the option, the two species tend to prefer to stick to their own kind, but if you put a 'scovy drake in with mallard derived females or vice versa, they will breed easily and produce fertile eggs :)

    More info on them here and here.
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    Hi Hannah
    Thanks! I will definitely breed them this spring then! :thumbsup:goodpost:
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    Good luck with your hatch!
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    I ended up with a moulard once with a bunch of other ducks I picked up from a farm stand. They called it a brown pekin (no such thing lol). They get their birds from a hatchery so I'm not sure how it got in there. Definitely a moulard though. The thing got huge, way bigger than the pekins. Didn't really have much of a muscovy face. It was black, most of them I've seen are white. It was genetically screwed though, wings grew so big and large that it couldn't fold them up when it got full grown, walk around like a giant turkey buzzard Lol!
    No pics, it was before cell phones and taking pictures of my birds all the time lol.
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    I got two swedish muscovy crosses I had to help them hatch IMG_20190604_110709155.jpg IMG_20190604_110648707.jpg image.jpg IMG_20190604_110709155.jpg IMG_20190604_110648707.jpg image.jpg
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